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Shoemaking youth empowerment and development

Octoxii school of shoe making and craft brigs  oshodi youth development center to life.On the mission of youth empowerment  and entrepreneurship development  for better living standard and better secure community. 20th century community that want to develop will always give its youth empowerment  and entrepreneurship development high regard.

October 1st Nigeria independent celebration
October 12 anniversary of octoxii school of shoemaking
October 17th international day

Making these days memorable , octoxii school of shoemaking and craft Nigeria leading school of shoe making . Institute of  human development with great straight in leather crafting skill was live at oshody youth center to train Lagos state mainland youth ( oshodi)  All is about touching lives


Started on Tuesday 3rd October 2017
Hosted by – Lagos state, ministry of youth and social development
Initiated by – Octoxii school of shoe making and leather craft

No of participant recorded at the workshop  – 69

Male Female Physically challenge
No of participant 34 32 3


Participant at the workshop was introduced to the basic leather crafting tips. They were put through how to make fashion wears with leather and fabric, on their own with little or no assistant, without the use of sophisticated machine.

Area of focused are

Participant exhibition and certificate of participation issued Wednesday 17th October
Program  was declared closed at exact 2:00pm
All Projects Made Was Voluntarily Donated To Take To Ijamido Children Homes on 21st October 2017 By The Participants

 From us at octoxii school of shoe making this is our little way of giving back to our community and encouraging entrepreneurship among our youth.



31 October, 2017

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