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Red shoe a  good test to identify shoe catelouge of men with class and good fashion taste. as classic as it look and fashion brilliancy its is  on foot . this is the same thing  chilavet express after her red shoemaking experience.

wearing a red shoe is a courage,the red shoemaking experience was not just feet by the chilavet but all other student  at the workshop .

The Abuja based geographer who decide to make her dream of been a master craft a reality one  by signing up for school of shoemaking advanced course , was so happy  seeing her shoe come out cool.

great project  happy student fulfilled instructor.

30 May, 2018

2 responses on "Red shoemaking experience"

  1. Good Day My name is Lerato Ncube I am from South Africa and i have been looking for this kind of skill for a very long time. I am interested is making quality shoes for men and woman using leather and african prints and adding a little bit of sparkle incorporating some of my creation using Rhinestone and bags…meaning all types of quality bags for woman and men.. May you please be kind to let me know how can i attend these courses full time. So that i can learn all there is learn about this industry before i can open my own business. Please include the prices as well. I would also like to know if you have accommodation for your students available as well and if u do have please let me know how much is it so that I can start saving for it since I am currently unemployed. My contact numbers are as follows. +27725545708 or email me on Lyranc@gmail.com. Your assistance in this regards will be highly appreciated as you prepare to respond to my request.

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