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The love of the craft and the zeal to add value to life of others was the starting point of Octoxii on October 12, 2007 as a leather crafting shop in Lagos, Nigeria. We have since then grown to become a company with two major subsidiaries, a foundation – whose sole purpose is to contribute to the development of our world by improving human capital resource which we believe will pave way for economic liberation; and a fashion firm – where we pride ourselves on being the No 1. trusted fashion brand when it comes to leather and craft. It is this focus that informs the services we provide and the decisions we make. We are a network of master crafters, happy people who are committed to proving their years of expertise by constantly having an edge in excellent leather craft production and human development services.

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Her interest in the craft, and African print which started out as a hobby can be traced to her mum. Okodo Mary joined Octoxii team in 2016 as a fun-filled lady making the workshop lively for everyone. With her bachelor’s degree in education, she was appointed as the project co-coordinator in 2017 immediately after her apprenticeship program in March 2017.



The Lagos born entrepreneur with a honors degree in Business Administration honorable Degree from the prestigious Lagos State University, is the brain behind Octoxii.  The team head at Octoxii was exposed to craft at a tender age of 12 which boosted his interest in craft. His love for solving problems has accelerated him on his journey of being a master crafter.



His high technical skill and his long term experience in shoe making cannot be over emphasized and has earned him the title, Chief Instructor. The Ghanaian born raised in Lagos State is ready to learn and willing to teach, he is an easygoing, hardworking young man, which makes him the go to guy for every team member when challenges arouse

Our vision

To enrich life and be pillars of our industry development 

Our mission

Here  to make our student life better by continuing creating  human development courses   that will help them attain their desired height in shoemaking and leather crafting.

“Here to raise next generations of craft masters”

Sunday Oyewale

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