Advanced bag making course

The intensive bag designing course will offer you an insight into the wonderful world of handbag designing. Under our expert guidance of the tutor you’ll be taking through a creative section were you will learn how to create range of bags. you’ll also be guided on fabric selection. Taught by our team of master designer headed by Oyewale Sunday.

Looking at various different case studies, you’ll start to investigate the importance of critical paths as well as how to analyze and interprete future trends. You will start to consider more advanced shapes, styles and construction as well as the importance in matching these to your target audience.

With the support of two professional tutors you will also have the opportunity to learn how to make a working pattern, select, cut and prepare leather pieces, create and fit a pocket, billet and a briefcase style handle. You will also be guided through each step of the making process up to the completion of your roll base laptop bag or briefcase.
banding is key. You’ll also discuss the importance of branding and how best to brand your collection. The course will be supported with lectures and discussions and the chance for presentations and group work. 

The intensive course covers

  1. Prepared course notes will be provided and students will be supported by two professional leather work tutors.

  2. Essential pattern and Marquette making skills

  3. Bound and piped seams

  4. Rounded, padded and flat handles

  5. Butt stitching cylindrical items

  6. Box stitching

  7. Fitting pockets and zips

  8. Fabric and leather linings Hand cutting vegetable tanned leather and preparing for assembly

  9. Hand-stitching in a traditional saddler’s clam

  10. Professional edge finishing and polishing

  11. Using leather dyes for edges and cover

  12. Wet molding leather for fun

  13. Blind embossing and decoration

You should have an interest in the subject area and a desire to learn but no previous experience is required. This course covers all content included in ‘Introduction to Handbag Design’ alongside more advanced techniques. This course is equally suitable for both men and women as each student will be encouraged to incorporate their own style into some aspects of the pre-determined patterns. As an intermediate level course, this would be most suitable for those with some experience of traditional leatherwork..


• Workshop Opens …9:00am – 12:00
• Break……………… 12:00 – 12:15pm
• Student practise…. 12:10pm -1:00pm

• Workshop close ……………1:00pm

• Workshop Opens …11:00am – 1:00pm
• Break……………… 1:00 – 1:30mm
• Workshop resume back 1:30pm – 3:00pm
• Student practise…. 3:00pm – 3:30pm
• Workshop close ……………3:30pm


3  weeks of  one on one tuition 
3 weeks  in workshop craft perfection  



What’s included in the price

There are no hidden extras. charges  the course fee, although the cost of materials outside of this will be additional.. Tea and coffee are not provided so all you’ll need to bring along is yourself and a packed lunch.

conducive  hostel accommodation available for  interested students, 

like to plane  yourself  for a class? 2023 courses  schedule here to help  you out…

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