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Unisex Welted sole Slippers Course

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complete breakdown of sections and unit section
1: Introduction
Welted sole slipper making tweaks and Material selection

Section 2: reappearing upper
Design your Unisex welted sole slipper first asymmetrical slippers on the last
Unisex welted sole slipper basic pattern drafting
Cutting, Assembling, Sewing and Lining upper of Unisex raping sole slipper

Section 3 : lasting and soling
Making Unisex welted sole slipper insoles, out-sole and heel
Lasting and cementing Unisex welted sole slipper
Branding your Unisex welted sole slipper
Section 4: finishing
Unisex welted sole slipper Waxing and finishing

16 reviews for Unisex Welted sole Slippers Course

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