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Cone Heels peep toe shoe look great with formal dresses and events. especially when its been made with african print (Ankara) .
A good understanding of how to make this is must have if you aspire to be a master shoemaker. in this Cone Heels peep toe shoe making course you will learn how to construct pattern of fashionable peep toe shoe and how to , assemble, sew, last and finishing. It consists of 4 section 8 lessons with 20 - 40 fully illustrated HD video and clear audio in each lesson.


Course Currilcum

    • peep toe pump making tweaks and material analysis 00:00:00
    • Designing peep toe on the last 00:00:00
    • peep toe shoe pattern making 00:00:00
    • peep toe upper Cutting, Assembling and Sewing 00:00:00
    • peep toe insole, cone heel construction and platform balancing 00:00:00
    • Lasting of the peep toe shoe 00:00:00
    • Overall finishing of the peep toe 00:00:00
octoxii 2021
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