Make your summer memorable

We have schedule special and details  leather crafting courses for you to light up our summer , dedicated to help you attain your desired height in shoemakig including leather crafting solutions.

Basic leather craft course

You will learn how to start from scratch how to design the patterns and create all the individual pieces for your shoes. We always advise our students to learn how to do every aspect for themselves if they ever hope to go forward when they are on their own. At the end of this workshop, you will make minimum of 3 pairs of solid and fashionable shoes for your own feet or for sale.

20th July - July 31st 2020


Summer Discount


Craft master course

This is a details course which comprise the basic and the advance shoe and leather crafting course. Craft master summer class  with a one month extension for practical (optional)


Shoe Lasting

Measuring & Fitting

Insoles and Support

Pattern Design & Grading

Selecting Materials Tips

Leather and Material sources

Hand Tools & Machines

Resources for Tools and Equipment

20th July - 28th August 2020


Summer Discount


Advanced shoemaking course

In this intensive  course all levels of production will be examined : measuring, last making, pattern making, clicking, closing and finishing. The student gets to keep the lasts made. Those who have attended our basic class always ask for more. We have chosen to respond with an advanced course, conducted in our amazing workshop.

3rd August - 28th August 2020


Summer Discount


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