Explore our master touch in hand crafted shoes, bags and leather works with genuine animal leather and an array of high quality African prints and alternate materials such as satin, gems etc.. Our priority is bringing optimum satisfaction to our customers by crafting each piece to exact specification and perfection. Our keen eye for fashion pieces and style, distinguishes us as a top quality brand in Nigeria. Take your time to see our fashionable and perfect fitting pieces in store.


We are master crafters providing quality shoe making skills through our human development courses within a conducive environment and with all the right tools to facilitate student’s understanding. Our courses are divided into shoe-making, bag-making, and leather accessories crafting, which we hold both online and offline at any of our workshop premises’ around Lagos. Our online course, with a live webinar makes sure you have the full experience as students can interact directly with the instructor, and ask question about how to improve their skills.


Octoxii offers a brilliant consultancy program for shoemakers and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start their own leather craft brand. Over time, Octoxii has helped series of brands through its brand development program, we believe that learning the act of craft is one out of the five core sector in starting up a shoe making firm. For example, do you know what it takes to get your brand out to potential customers, or how to scale from a small brand to that desired height. Stretch out for solution today and book an appointment with us. We have years of experience and technical know-how to take your brand to the next level.
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