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Basic Bag and Accessories-Making Course


This course will teach you how to prepare, make and hand stitch a lightweight, vegetable tanned, leather satchel in just two days! Similar in style to the traditional school satchel, you’ll make a bag which is designed to carry your tablet as well as some other essentials. While you are here, you will learn how to cut leather, prepare, assemble and hand stitch together your satchel with traditional, waxed linen thread. You will also cut and fit adjustable straps, an exterior pocket and learn how to create beautifully finished cut-edged seams. You will not only leave the course with your two-tone leather satchel fully completed, you will also leave with an enormous sense of achievement!… 

Basic Shoe-making Course


This class is an Introductory level course in leather crafting that is designed to give participants a simple, but comprehensive foundation and fun experience in making shoes. Once you have a basic understanding of the principles, techniques and materials of shoe design and construction, you are only limited by your imagination. You will learn how to make shoes from scratch, to design patterns and create all the individual pieces for your shoes. At the end of this workshop, students taking this course will make a minimum of 3 pairs of solid and fashionable shoes for your own feet or sale….

Advanced Bag-making Course


The intensive bag designing course will offer you an insight into the wonderful world of handbag designing. Under our expert guidance of the tutor you’ll be taking through a creative section were you will learn how to create range of bags. you’ll also be guided on fabric selection. You will start to consider more advanced shapes, styles and construction as well as the importance in matching these to your target audience. With the support of two professional tutors you will also have the opportunity to learn how to make a working pattern, select, cut and prepare leather pieces, create and fit a pocket, billet and a briefcase style handle… 


Advanced Shoe-making Course

In this course all levels of production will be examine, that is; measuring, last-making, pattern-making, clicking, closing, lasting, making and finishing. Those who have attended our basic class always ask for more so, we have chosen to respond with an advanced course, conducted in our amazing workshop. Upon completion of the course, an internship with a leather craft manufacturer may be required to complete the training with a field experience, allowing students to put what they have learned into practice, and to test themselves in the shoe-making world….


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